Here are some dungeon modules and house rule variants for the BECMI version of Dungeons & Dragons. Readers are free to use these modules, but should not publish them (or any modified version) without credit and back-link to this site. Enjoy!

House Rule Variants

Easy Dungeon Modules

These are deliberately easy single-player modules, designed for introducing a non-gamer (such as a wife or girlfriend) to D&D, with some emphasis on roleplaying.

  1. Easy Dungeon Module 1: Cave Exploration
  2. Easy Dungeon Module 2: Abandoned Tower


Dungeon Modules

These are straightforward dungeon crawls, for low level PCs using the Basic ruleset. These are “high treasure.” To convert to “low treasure,” reduce non-carried coin treasure by a factor of 10, and remove gems, jewelry and magic items from all but last level.